Going to the college of your choice starts with Elite Preparatory Academy.

Elite provides students with a modern education while maintaining traditional values and Confucian discipline.

Elite Preparatory Academy is a private school open to all students from 1st Grade to 12th Grade.

The curriculum of this school addresses not only the academic, but physical, aesthetic, social, and emotional aspects of a child. Teachers and staff here at the academy encourage the awareness and understanding of different cultures throughout the student population. The staff is also a strong advocator of cooperation and input from both parents and the community.

The Elite Preparatory Academy provides a vigorous and stimulating environment structured to help each child attain his/her maximum potential. Although designed to accommodate specialized needs and guide students at their own individual paces, the academic curriculum of the school will be demanding and intense. Here at the academy, we aim to help children develop their sense of identity, self-esteem, and independence while respecting others.

All students are encouraged to participate in the after-school bilingual program, consisting of a two-hour session of Chinese elocution, reading, and writing. With a strong background in Chinese, the most frequently spoken language around the world, students expose themselves to a new world, a different approach to reality, and a different way of thinking and behaving. At the Elite Preparatory Academy, students not only learn to appreciate different cultures, but also acquire invaluable tools that stay with them for a lifetime